The game features 8 basic classes, called Archais, and your character can swap them freely. Archais have different stats and sets of 8 skills:

  • Warrior - area of effect damage and enemy control, designed for players who seek to master high-efficiency farming.

  • Knight - strong defenses and ally support, for those who have patience and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their comrades.

  • Raider - high damage output at the cost of low defenses, designed as a damage source during raids.

  • Rogue - a trickster and ranged damage dealer, highly dangerous in PvP.

  • Warlock - can summon a Silver Wolf to help them in battle, support the entire party with physical buffs and enemy debuffs.

  • Wizard - a glass cannon Archai with magic damage over time that burns enemies from the inside.

  • Cleric - the ultimate support that can heal, restore mana, and even resurrect.

  • Shaman - specializes in heavy debuffs and can significantly boost the entire party's magic damage output.

  • Skills are unlocked every 4 levels starting from level 8 and are fully available at level 40.

Divine Path

Divine Path grants your character global bonus stats based on all your Archais level completion.

The Divine Path is divided into 5 ranks: Serf, Freeman, Alchemist, Philosopher, and Hero. A pixel indicator next to the character level visually indicates their rank. The higher the rank, the more bonus stats your character achieves.

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