Your core in-game priority is to farm mobs. Farming rewards you with EXP and TSS.

  • To earn rewards farm mobs within 16 level difference range.

  • Rewards are given to the character or party that dealt the most damage.


Join a party with other players or form your own by inviting others. Being in a party makes you stronger - you will earn more, level up faster, and you will be harder to kill.

  • Party drop rewards are shared equally among all members.

  • You gain an additional +62% bonus EXP per extra party member.

  • All party members must be within 16 levels of each other to share drop rewards.

  • If you are too far away from the killed monster, its reward will not be shared with you.

  • When on PC, use alphanumeric keys (1 to 5) to snap the camera on individual party members.

  • Summons apply an EXP penalty to your individual share, which is gradually reduced with more members in the party, until it fully disappears when in a full party.

Soul Redemption

If you die, your EXP will be reduced by 4% and you will be prompted to pay the Soul Redemption TSS fee. The price continuously updates, and is based on how fast other players earn EXP and TSS.

PvP & PK

You can initiate PvP with neutral players (white tags) by basic-attacking them. If they are already flagged (pink tags), you may also cast skills. If you kill a neutral player, you will become a PK (red tag).

  • A safe zone exists around the spawn area.

As a PK, you gain karma equal to the EXP lost at death with each kill. You can clear this karma by farming mobs, however, no EXP will be earned while you are PK. If you die as a PK, any remaining karma will increase the EXP lost, thereby raising the Soul Redemption fee.

  • Attacking PK doesn’t flag you, but helping them does.

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