When you achieve the Freeman rank, you can join another player's clan or form your own. Clan members share the same emblem, communicate through their own chat channel, and protect each other in PvP. There are five clan levels, achieved by collecting Fame.

Fame can be gained by inviting Serfs to your clan academy and assisting them in leveling up to the Freeman rank. Once they reach this rank, they automatically graduate from the academy, granting your clan 1 Fame point.

  • As a clan lord you cannot disband your clan or pass lordship.

  • Clan names can be submitted only after level 2.

  • Only clan lord can invite and dismiss clan members.

  • Clan level determines the bonus stats for all members, the total member cap, and the size of the emblem.

Clan Academy

If you recently started playing the game and are still ranked as a Serf, you can join the clan academy to benefit from their clan bonus stats. When you reach the Freeman rank, you will automatically complete the academy and leave the clan.

  • All clan core members can invite to the academy, but only lord can dismiss them.

Ally & War Standing

Clans can join alliances and engage in wars. Character's on-head indicator shows the current standing status between their clan and yours.


Raids are the best way to earn and level up quickly, but only clans can challenge them. Unlike monsters, raid rewards are distributed to all clan members in the area, not just to a single party.

  • There are no level restrictions for raids.

  • Everyone in the raid zone will remain flagged while the raid boss is engaged.

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