How to Play

This page covers essential info regarding the game itself.

1. Choose Server

Choose a server that is closest to you for better ping. There are 4 servers available:

  1. North America (Palo Alto)

  2. South America (São Paulo)

  3. Europe (Frankfurt)

  4. Asia Pacific (Singapore)

2. Create a Character

3. Start Earning

Your core in-game priority is to hunt mobs. Hunting rewards you with EXP and TSS. Your character power grows with level, and so is your earning potential. If you die, your EXP will be reduced by 10% if you are <20 Lv, and by 4% if you are higher than 20 Lv.

4. Party Up

You can join others players' party, or form your own. Party EXP rewards increase by +62% per each party member.

5. Withdraw Rewards

You can deposit and withdraw TSS using in-game payments menu. No additional fee charged, except for the gas of the withdrawal transaction.

Mobile Support

You can play the game from your mobile device by accessing it from the MetaMask Mobile app. Other browsers with multiple authentication methods are supported as well.

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