Discover what Talarium World future upholds.

Major game updates are issued in Chapters that are grouped into annual Tomes. The game was launched after only a week of development and is being actively developed live, with the community playing a significant role in shaping it through their input, feedback, and suggestions.

Tome I: Sword Falling Into Darkness


Start of the development [19.08.23]

  • Tax-to-Loot economy design

Game Launch [28.08.2023]

  • First server launched

  • Web3 authentication

  • Character progression

  • Dark Wolf mob

Prologue [04.09.23]

  • Warrior, Knight and Rogue are added into the game

Chapter I - The Era of Splendor [13.09.23]

  • TSS smart contract deployed

  • TSS launched on PancakeSwap

  • Market tax connected to game rewards

Chapter II - The Catharsis of the Reborn [20.09.23]

  • TSS Withdrawals

  • In-game chat

Chapter III - Elixir of Life [25.09.23]

  • TSS Deposits

  • TSS Shop & HP Potions

  • Party System

  • Mobile support

  • Liquidity locked

Chapter IV - Eternal Conflict [12.10.23]

  • 4 Networking upgrades

  • Staking Beta

  • 14,000+ accounts registered

  • Antibot system

  • 4 servers launched

  • Cross-server gameplay

Chapter V - The Dragonreign Island [07.11.23]

  • Skill system

  • 8 Classes

    • Warrior (reworked for AoE)

    • Knight (tank + support)

    • Rogue (tricks + PvP)

    • Cleric (heal + support)

    • Wizard (pure DPS)

    • Warlock (summoner)

    • Raider (single target DPS)

    • Shaman (debuff + control)

  • Chambers of Despair, new location

  • Cross-server economy upgrade

  • 1/3 Staking system

  • 2/3 Hunting system

  • King Taurik, first Raid Boss

Chapter VI - Rise of the New Prince [NOW]

  • PvP & PK modes enabled

  • EXP Redemption

  • Clan system & academy

  • 3/3 Fighting system

  • Village

  • New 52-58 lv location

Chapter VII - Crafting [January]

Players will be able to craft classes out of materials they collect from mobs, be able to change them freely, and have the ultimate goal of collecting them all.

  • Class crafting system

  • Trading & marketplace

  • Class collection system

  • Daily quests

Chapter VIII - Mass PvP [February]

The world will be divided into three kingdoms, each governed by a castle. Clans will fight for control of these castles and profit from all mobs farmed in the corresponding territories.

  • Castle sieges

  • 1v1 Olympiad

  • World map

Chapter IX - Content [Q1]

Once the core systems are shaped, a beautiful graphics and compelling sound will decorate the gameplay.

  • Character art, skill visuals and icons

  • Background music and sound effects

  • AI chat translation

Tome II - Growth [2024]

As the game becomes stable and matures, we will expand the team, run global marketing campaigns, raise capital and make the product organically drive the growth.

Our main development focus will be on integrating AI into gameplay, such as verbal communication with your characters and pets, challenging to play against mobs, and procedurally written quests.

With vibrant community providing key feedback; robust, scalable and secure infrastructure in place; unique tax-to-loot economy that benefits all, the true potential of Talarium World will be realized.

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