Learn how economy of Talarium World operates.

Token Metrics

Symbol: TSS Name: Talarium Soul Shard Total Supply: 256M Initial Supply: 32M Trading Pair: TSS/BNB


TSS main purpose is to enable Talarium World's MMORPG economy, from class crafting and in-game trading to mob hunting and raid boss rewards. Players can earn TSS by playing for free, withdraw it from the game, and then trade it for BNB.


The core advantage of Talarium World's economy is a strategic 4% tax on the DEX trading. Of this, 3% goes directly into the game every hour, dynamically changing the size of the hunting rewards. The remaining 1% is set aside for game development and converted to BNB on the same hourly basis.

Tax Distribution

Every buy and sell transaction is taxed with 4%:

  • 3% fuels hunting rewards;

  • 1% funds game development.


After the initial provision of 32M TSS, the remaining 224M tokens will be gradually released into the game by amplifying the regular game tax transactions. The amplification rate starts at +100% (doubling all game tax amounts) and decreases linearly to +0% (leaving game tax amounts as is) as all 256M tokens are distributed.

Issuance Formula

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